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Click go the handcuffs and then a rush of thoughts inundate the brain when you realize you are officially under arrest for allegedly committing a crime. The thoughts are mostly questions, such as where am I going to jail and when I arrive, should I reveal any information to the detectives investigating the case. You also ponder what the arrest means for your job and more important, the relationships you have with friends and family members. After sifting through seemingly countless thoughts, one question suddenly takes over to become the most critical question of all.

Should you contest any of the charges filed against you?

After you are arrested for committing an alleged crime, it is imperative you call a licensed and experienced Georgia criminal defense attorney. Greer Tisinger criminal defense lawyer Dane M. Garland will consult with you to determine the strength of the state or federal case, as well as educate you about the seriousness of the charges filed against you. You will learn about the number of possible defense strategies to fight back that include filing motions to suppress evidence and filing motions to dismiss every criminal charge because of a lack of evidence.

Dane Garland helps clients during every phase of the defense process, from the initial free consultation to the hearing that determines the criminal sentence.

Our Criminal Defense Areas of Expertise

Dane M. Garland represents clients by defending more than a dozen felony and misdemeanor criminal charges. Each criminal charge requires a unique defense strategy that Mr. Garland implements in Georgia state and federal courts.

Dane Garland often represents clients charged with multiple crimes allegedly committed during the same crime. His vast knowledge on how to defend unique criminal charges and his experience working as a licensed Georgia attorney make him the ideal choice for clients that need multiple charges dropped. In addition, Mr. Garland handles every type of drug-related case including, sales, possession, manufacturing, and distribution of outlawed controlled substances. He also thoroughly understands Georgia state law as it pertains to DUI charges.

Georgia Prosecutors Must Exceed a High Legal Bar

You have heard the phrase “Innocent until proven guilty.” The famous phrase has appeared countless times in films and television series. However, there is another phrase that many of Mr. Garland’s clients learn about when they hire the experienced criminal defense attorney to defend them against criminal charges.

It is called “proof beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Prosecutors in the State of Georgia must prove your guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Just a little bit of doubt planted into the thought process of only one juror can at the very least place a criminal trial into legal limbo. Every criminal charge includes several legal elements that make the cases pursued by Georgia prosecutors vulnerable on many fronts. For example, let’s assume you are charged with simple possession of a controlled substance. The prosecution team must prove you had the drugs in your possession and that you knew about the drugs in your possession.

Role of a Defense Attorney in Georgia Criminal Law Cases

Dane M. Garland takes his role as a Georgia criminal defense attorney very seriously. He often litigates for the legal rights granted under the United States Constitution, such as the right to a speedy trial, as well as the right to be protected against unlawful searches and seizures. Mr. Garland is renowned for his investigative skills that uncover fraudulent evidence and other prosecutorial missteps.

At the most basic level, a Georgia criminal defense lawyer protects the Constitutional rights of every defendant charged with one or more crimes. He or she will diligently investigate whether law enforcement officials violated one or more investigative procedures sanctioned by Georgia criminal statutes. Dane M. Garland exposes legal holes in criminal cases to place the powerful “beyond a reasonable doubt” phrase into the mind of just one member of the jury.

Defending Georgia and Federal Criminal Charges

Accomplished criminal defense attorneys like Dane M. Garland defend clients against state and federal charges. Some federal charges can involve financial crimes in cases when alleged fraudulent activities took place across state lines. Federal law enforcement agencies also prosecute drug crimes, especially large drug running operations that also cross one or more state lines. Mr. Garland knows how to handle the different rules of procedure that unfold in Georgia and federal courtrooms. His broad range of expertise has made him one of the most highly rated criminal defense attorneys licensed to practice law in Georgia.

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