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At Greer Tisinger, we understand what is at stake when family law matters such as divorce or child custody are being decided. The details of people’s lives are heard and decided on in a courtroom by a judge who only knows what information has been presented to him or her. This makes it crucial that you have representation that not only has the experience and skill necessary to help you, but also has the respect of the court. We have decades of experience practicing in our local courts and our reputation for quality representation is well-known.

Our firm provides skilled and experienced representation to those facing a wide variety of family law matters, including:

  • Divorce : While divorce is challenging, it can also be the time when you lay the foundation for the better future you want. The decisions you make during divorce can shape your life for years to come. We can help you make informed choices.
  • Uncontested divorce : When all of the issues of a divorce have been resolved by the husband and wife, a divorcing couple can pursue an uncontested divorce. These are efficient and cost-effective and help you move on with your life without the expense and stress of a litigated divorce.
  • Child custody/child support : We understand how important it is for parents that their voices and needs are heard when child-related issues are being decided. We can help fight for the child custody and child support terms you need.
  • Alimony : Alimony can be a crucial part to help one spouse transition back into the workplace. We can help you pursue the alimony/spousal support terms that you need as part of your divorce.
  • Modifications : When the terms of your divorce no longer match up with the reality of your circumstances, we can help you petition the court for a modification of those terms.
  • High asset divorce :
  • Property division : From retirement accounts to investments and homes to businesses, we have the experience to advocate for the property division terms you deserve.
  • Adoption : Our firm is proud to be able to help families grow through adoption.
  • Prenuptial agreements : For those with significant assets, it is prudent to enter marriage with clear expectations that everyone understands. A prenuptial agreement can clearly define everyone’s expectations.

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