A divorce case starts with one spouse (the petitioner) filing a petition with the court, and then delivering a copy of the petition to the other spouse (the respondent). The divorce will end by trial or by the spouses entering into a Marital Settlement Agreement.

In between the filing of the petition, and the end of the case by trial, many things can happen. The spouses can ask the judge to make temporary orders on child custody, visitation, child support, spousal support, and/or control over community property, until things are finally resolved.

During the divorce process, the attorneys may also engage in the discovery process. Discovery is the process by which the attorneys investigate whatever disputes there are between the spouses. For example, when one spouse is accusing the other spouse of being abusive to the children, the attorneys will investigate to determine whether these accusations are truthful or not. As another example, where one spouse is accusing the other spouse of hiding a marital asset, the attorneys will investigate to see whether that accusation is true. Greer Tisinger can investigate by sending questionnaires to the opposing party, interviewing witnesses, and/or by subpoenaing documents.

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